9 facts worth knowing about your Selfnation jeans

Why do our jeans fit so perfectly and what’s the fuss about sustainability? We collected all the important information in one list: nine facts you should know about your Selfnation jeans.

1. Fashion + technique = Tailored jeans

Our jeans are perfect because they are tailored individually for each of our customers. The measures you give us are transformed into a perfect sewing pattern. For that, we use a technology developed at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. These guarantee perfect fit. As soon as you indicate your measures on our website we create a 3D model of your body and your very own pair of jeans for you to look at. It is important to us to create a symbiosis of skillful fashion and perfect technique.

2. How do I come by my jeans?

The path to your Selfnation jeans is super simple! You really just have to measure yourself with a tapeline. No worries: We made short videos for you to make sure you measure yourself correctly. If you don’t have your own measuring tape, we will send you one straightaway. As soon as you indicate all your information and choose your preferred style we get to work to create the perfect pattern. We will inform you regularly on the production process via e-mail. Only two weeks later you will receive your brand new Selfnation jeans!

3. Satisfaction through support

We want our jeans to make you the happiest you can be. In case they should not fit perfectly here and there, we created a service that takes care of their improvement. Should the ill fitting be on a very small scale, you can have the tailor of your choice fit them – that’s on us, of course. Would you prefer to have an entirely new pair? Just order a new one, we will send it to you without charge. In case Selfnation did not convince you at all, we will refund you.

4. European production

We love to have our jeans created as close as possible. Work opportunities in Europe are important and should be kept, created and promoted. That is why we procure our materials from high quality manufacturing in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. The assemblage of our jeans takes place in Southern Germany and Switzerland. In order to keep our high quality standards, we work very closely and locally with our production sites. By doing that, we can guarantee optimal work conditions.

5. Development of styles

We constantly strive to expand our assortment and reach every customer’s preference. Gents can thus currently choose between two styles: Slim fit and straight fit, both come in two different colours. Ladies cannot only choose between two styles but also decide on their waist height and on their length. Plus, there are currently nine colours to choose from! We hope that everyone will find their favourite. Find more information on styles and colours on our website.

6. Sustainability

We are very concerned with fairness when it comes to the production of our jeans. Our manufactures being in Europe, we can guarantee short transport routes. That prevents unnecessary costs and, more importantly, protects our environment. Italdenim – our fabric manufacturer in Italy – is the first label to carry Greenpeace’s Detox label. This label guarantees the fabric’s best quality while observing sustainability standards. We make jeans for your good conscience: We want those who wear Selfnation to feel good – we think a sustainable production is essential for that.

7. Manufactured with love

Large jeans brands produce in contract work. Selfnation decided actively not to go down the same road. Our jeans are handcrafted from A to Z. Every pair of jeans is sewed based on an individual pattern and even singly dyed. That is why we guarantee high quality manufacturing instead of mass production.

8. One of a kind jeans for one of a kind people

It goes without saying that our jeans are one of a kind: after all they are tailor made and dyed individually. Individuality has highest priority for us! Plus, new high quality jeans have a long life ahead of them. This means that in the course of your time together, they will change and adapt to your body perfectly. They will be like your second skin – accompanying you everywhere you go.

9. Who is Selfnation?

Selfnation was founded in 2013 in Zurich by engineers Andreas Guggenbühl and Michael Berli. Elisabeth Joost and Sandra Guggenbühl from Berlin were part of the initial dream team. In the meantime our team grew to twelve people. When it comes to tailored jeans, we are your guys.

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