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A Passion for Education

Posted on July 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

Alissa is the CEO of PEN PAPER PEACE, she is a trained doctor and a SELFNATION expert. She loves spending time with children and is passionate about providing access to education for Haitian teenagers. Today, 25% of children do not have access to education in Haiti.

Alissa’s trip to Haiti was crucial for the founding of PEN PAPER PEACE.

I have travelled to Haiti in 2008 and returned deeply impressed; moved by the wonderful people and upset by the poverty.” tweet

For the 600 youngsters, who are able to attend the school thanks to the support of PEN PAPER PEACE, without having to pay school fees, it is more than “just” learning to read, write and count. The children have a caring learning environment and with that a daily structure.

The children are happy to have found a second safe home in their school.“ tweet

Alissa’s most recent journey took her to Honduras. Another beautiful and extremely poor country. Who knows, maybe this was the setting stone for another destination of PEN PAPER PEACE…

For Alissa, it’s important to support companies where everyone involved is being treated and rewarded fairly throughout the manufacturing process. That’s why Alissa treasures her PARIS BLUE Jeans by SELFNATION.

For me SELFNATION is the feeling of wearing a perfectly fitted jeans without feeling restricted or any pinching.“ tweet

Alissa not only wears her comfortable SELFNATION jeans when she’s at home in Berlin, but also when she’s travelling to far away parts of the world and following her passion providing children and teenagers with an education. The fact that she wears her PARIS BLUES is reflected by the used-look of her jeans.

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