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A pinch of salt, a good mood board and high quality jeans

Posted on November 16, 2016 in Expert

Sibylle loves baking and cooking and is a gypsetter. She bakes the best cheesecakes throughout Zürich for Cheesecake Chic. Her passion for the beautiful and good things also reflects in her clothes, this is the reason why we are even more delighted that Sibylle is part of our SELFNATION Experts. You can find out here why her cheesecakes are so incredibly delicious and what her SELFNATION Jeans has to do with a serving of pasta.

20161107_expert_sibylle_cheesecakes_nah_kuchenTone in tone, tailor-made ICELAND IZZY jeans and fresh cheesecake

The answer to our questions of what makes the cheesecakes so delicious was simple for Sibylle:

My secret is a pinch of salt and the extra portion of love when preparing the cheesecake. Sibylle, founder of Cheesecake Chic tweet

Of course, when eating at Cheesecake Chic you eat with your eyes as well. The small pieces of art should not only taste delicious, but also look nice – it is about food styling as well as food photography.

As soon as the cheesecakes are garnishes with fresh berries a well as a mint leaf they look nicer. Sibylle, founder of Cheesecake Chic tweet

While for the garnish it is important to have fresh toppings, the light is in the centre when photographing the cheesecakes. The cakes should look fresh and delicious, so that everybody wants to try them immediately. This is the reason why we exclusively shoot with natural light. Moreover, a good mood board is very important, which means a careful selection of the colour in the background as well as the right requisites.

20161107_expert_sibylle_cheesecakes_cakeCheesecakes garnished with fresh berries and photographed with natural light.

Concerning the tailor-made ICELAND IZZY Sibylle appreciates the fitting, the quality as well as the beautiful and solid garment.

These jeans fit perfectly – even after the second serving of pasta. Sibylle, founder of Cheesecake Chic tweet

20161107_expert_sibylle_cheesecakes_nah_geniessenSibylle loves the quality of her ICELAND IZZY, ankle length

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