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About experts, gelato and jeans

Posted on July 27, 2016 in Product

For years, Andy Käser has been happily indulging his passion; producing delicious and perfect handcrafted gelato. We are happy to add Andy to our circle of SELFNATION experts.

20160712_sn_blog_gelato_7Andy wearing COPENHAGEN INK BLACK, straight fit

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The Gelateria and gelati according to old traditional recipes

There it is, the Gelateria di Berna, in the heart of the quarter. Numerous visitors of all generations wait in line, with a spark in their eye and cheerful faces. The joyful anticipation of standing in front of the display case and being able the choose two or three out of the 24 flavours is big enough to make people forget the effort to get there – quite the opposite; they are perfectly content to spend 30 minutes waiting for their turn.

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Andy is part of the management. He likes to be directly at the front line, although he can’t always be there. Instead his job encompasses making sure all processes work out smoothly and the employees are happy. He tells us about that and emphasizes:

Our gelati are made following an old traditional Veronese recipe, combined with innovative ideas. Additionally, there is of course a lot of passion involved. tweet

Therefore the Gelateria constantly offers seasonal or special Gelati, for example Pineapple-Basil Sorbet or Lavender-Fior di Latte, in addition to classic flavours like Criollo Chocolate or Boubon Vanilla.

We get our inspiration for example at the farmer’s market or while taking a walk along the river Aare. tweet

20160712_sn_blog_gelato_4Andy in the quarter Länggasse, wearing COPENHAGEN INK BLACK, straight fit

The difference between Gelato Artigianale and ice cream from the supermarket

The difference between Gelato Artigianale, which means crafted gelato, and ice cream from the freezer is obivous to the gelatai. Ice cream is an industrially produced product which is sold at the supermarket. Thus, this type of ice cream is often stored for long periods of time and it contains additives and preservatives. Furthermore this kind of ice cream has a high percentage of fat content – it consists at best of cream, but also of other fats such as palm oil, and it doesn’t contain any milk. Due to the faster speed of the production process, industrially manufactured ice cream shows a higher percentage of air content than gelato. It is served at a colder temperature and with a harder concistency.

By contrast, gelato is freshly and manually made every day. It consists of fresh and seasonal ingredients and a lot of milk. Gelatai at Gelateria di Berna even use only the best regional organic milk for their gelato. Since it contains less fat and air the gelato’s consistency is creamier and smoother.

Combination of expertise and passion

Andy greatly enjoys his job and states:

The passion and joy our job brings lies in the shiny eyes of all those children, in the pleasant encounters at the display case and in the set up gelatai. tweet

20160712_sn_blog_gelato_5The tiny details are what matter, for gelatai as well as for their jeans; COPENHAGEN INK BLACK, staight fit

Because of my job I’m constantly on the move, so for me, well-fitting jeans are worth a mint. – The fitting process was easy as pie and done in no more than a few minutes. tweet


20160712_sn_blog_gelato_2Andy, wearing COPENHAGEN INK BLACK, straight fit, prepares the Ape for an event

This whole enterprise reminds us of SELFNATION, namely of the combination of expertise (engineering and fashion design) and passion. Again and again we take great pleasure from seeing other companies combine expertise and passion in their own way – especially if these experts, like Andy, like to wear our jeans often.

20160712_sn_blog_gelato_3Another detail – the leather tag – that adds that certain little extra to the jeans (jeans COPENHAGEN INK BLACK, straight fit)

So now you know the difference between Gelato and ice cream. How about the difference between denim and cotton twill?

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