Elegant and self-confident: Black is back

Black is dignified and mystique, sexy and rigorous, attractive and ungraspable at once. The dark color is always a good fit, and that is why Selfnation returns with its classic. Let’s celebrate the revival of “tokyo knights”!

Wherever you go, on the streets and on the catwalks you will see the same trend: black denim is more popular than ever. As a rock’n’roll version with worn-out knees or as a matt companion to an official meeting – you can be sure that black denim will always be a good choice.

Perfect styling for every event

Finding the perfect jeans is a long process that does not only cost you a lot of nerves, it also often forces you to make compromises. We often accept a too long leg or a not ideal fit. But whoever wants to make a fully satisfying purchase should consider a tailored product. Selfnation offers a black denim style, which is very likely to become a basic in your wardrobe alongside your blue jeans.


Perfectly fitting black jeans have several advantages: On the one hand, they flatter every built and provide a sense of self-confidence to whomever wears them. On the other, you can stop thinking about outfit combinations the second you buy your pair: Black goes well with every color and makes any shade shine in contrast. We are not the only ones who know: Female stars like model Kate Moss or fashion blogger Elin Kling don’t leave their houses without their favorite bottom – black skinny jeans.


While fashion is fleeting, good style is not; that’s why a well-assorted selection of black items should have its place reserved in every wardrobe. We suggest Selfnation to have a reserved spot in there, too: our “tokyo knights” are now available again. The exclusive weaving technique of our partner producer in Northern Italy makes this wonderful denim inky black and impresses with highest quality and wearing comfort.

In addition to our inky black style, “oslo rocks” offers a slightly subtler feeling: the grey-black mix is wonderful to wear with its high quality structure and has high potential as a basic for summer and winter alike.

Of course, black works on men as well as it does on women: Our “bombay black” makes sure that the elegant and self-confident man has a go-to basic black denim; be it for work or for his free time. Always well dressed with our black denim styles!

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