Ten care tips for your Selfnation jeans

Jeans are said to be just be lightly beat or put into a freezer for bacterial cleanse – some would even pledge never to wash them at all. No more wrong tips: Let’s do away with jeans care myths and make a list of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to taking care of your jeans.

You can’t wait to finally wear your new jeans, but you want to wash them first. That’s where you have to be careful: If you want to avoid white streaks on your new denims or make sure the fibers don’t shrink you should follow our tips. Of course we want your Selfnation jeans to stay with you in their best shape, as long as possible. Let’s start with ten steps to a fully happy, healthy pair of jeans.

1. How often should I wash them?

You should try to stall your jeans’ visit to the washing machine for as long as you can. Washing them too often may quickly bleach their color and ruin the fibers, especially if your jeans are partly made of Lycra/spandex. This might sound unhygienic, but it’s a fact: Compared to other fabrics, denim is very robust and soaks up very little dirt.

2. Stains and smells

Smaller stains should be removed without washing. And no sweat about bad smells: the easiest way to get rid of them is to put your jeans in a plastic bag an keep them in your freezer for up to 12 hours. Germs will be killed, fibers will be spared and smells will vanish.

3. Washing machine rules

Not only rare washing is going to prolong your jeans’ best years. First of all: Always wash your jeans inside out. By doing so, you will avoid white streaks on your denim fabric and fading in general. Selfnation blue jeans are produced with Indigo Denim, which ages much more gracefully than regular denim. Indigo Denim’s special dye will make sure your jeans keep their true colors for much longer.

4. While my jeans gently wash

Denim should generally be washed separately, since the fabric washes out and might stain your other clothes. Selfnation jeans have been washed twice before they get to you, but they might still be prone to wash out a bit. Also, try not to wash more than three pairs of jeans in one cycle, since they absorb a lot of water and get really heavy. Be gentle to your jeans and to your machine!

5. Temperature

If you decide to wash your jeans in the machine, always keep washing temperature at 40 degrees top. Denim is very sensitive to heat and could shrink in hot water and lose its shape. Another no-go: Spin-drying. Your jeans do not love being hurled around.

6. Washing jeans, pro-style

If you’re really up for the real deal, you’ll give your jeans the luxury of a bathtub wash. Put your trousers in the tub length-wise and cover them up with water – preferably cold. Who needs dry cleaning?!

7. What product should I use to wash my jeans?

One thing is key in terms of care products: Never ever use fabric softener! It affects the fibers and the shape of your jeans permanently. The ideal products are mild color detergents. But again: Less is more. As your daily companions, your jeans don’t need extra care and extra attention. And please, don’t put coffee in your machine! This popular myth does nothing to prevent denim from fading.

8. Drying done right

There’s not much that can go wrong with drying? You bet there is. Your jeans have no business in the tumble dryer. Denim is no friend of heat, except for your body temperature. Instead, you should hang your jeans immediately after washing. If your jeans have a small stretch percentage in them, hang them by both legs. Pure stretch jeans should lie instead of being hanged, since hanging might deform them. By the way: Jeans are no sun worshippers. Dry them in the shade to prevent fading.

9. Ironing? No, thanks!

If you’re no friend of ironing, this is good news: Jeans aren’t either. Your body temperature will be all it takes to bring your jeans back to shape after washing. If, however, you can’t do without ironing, low temperatures and loads of steam will od the trick. Make sure your trousers are inside out for that.

10. Ideal storage

Instead of folding them and storing them in your wardrobe, your jeans will prefer being hanged. Folding can lead to discoloration on the edges and will create messy streaks. Hence, trouser hangers will be your jeans’ best friends.

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