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Detox-Drink for Men and Women

Posted on February 25, 2017 in Chinos

Days start getting longer, the first buds sprout and birds start chirping. Spring is just around the corner. This is a time in which we really want to provide our body with fresh energy. That is why we present two tasty Detox-Drinks and four healthy foods to you.


Suitable for a pinkish drink, perfect for women and for spring, we recommend our LISBON ROSE chinos in the delicate pastel shade. Find it in our configurator.

Suitable for a blue and pure drink for men, we recommend our exclusive Selvedge Jeans. The Raw Denim is made 100% of cotton. Have a look at the jeans in the configurator.



  • Celery has anti-inflammatory effects and strengthens the cardiovascular system as well.
  • Moreover, the precious rods are used for rheumatic-diseases or hypertension thanks to their purifying effects.


  • You cannot bend fresh celery rods – you would break them immediately. You can do this type of test at the grocery, even without breaking the rods.


  • Apples help to clean the organs, to improve the circulation in your lymphatic system, to repair the damaged skin and to regulate the blood glucose.
  • Fruits hydrate at a deep cellular level. They provide precious trace minerals and important mineral salts, that help our body to rehydrate after activities or any form of stress.


  • Red apples contain more vitamins than green ones. While a Braeburn apple, for example, provides about 20 milligrams of vitamins, a Granny Smith apple contains only 4 milligrams.
  • If possible, eat the apple with peel, since most healthy substances are concentrated there – of some substances even 70-90%.
  • Eat 3 apples per day and you will find noticeable health improvements.


  • Ginger is antispasmodic, and helps to relax the muscles and let you find mental peace.
  • The root is also helpful against cold. It is rich in essential oils and spicy substances.
  • The spicy substances heat up your body and boost your metabolism.


  • Consume ginger when you are about to make a life choice.


  • Honey has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • The liquid gold heals through its antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties.
  • Honey is good for the immune system, strengthens the cardiovascular system and can heal little wounds.


  • Do not use honey in hot tea or hot milk, or for cooking and baking, as all of its health benefits are destroyed at temperatures of more than +40°C.

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