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FOLKDAYS: From India via Mexico to Berlin

Posted on June 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

Lisa is the founder of FOLKDAYS in Berlin and SELFNATION EXPERT. She turned her passion for discovering new cultures and her love for design into her career. By selling unique and beautiful pieces of craftwork, she wants to help the people in developing countries. Find out what Lisa associates with SELFNATION and why she became one of our experts.

Lisa wears her TOKYO KNIGHTS in ankle length

FOLKDAYS always focuses on the quality of the craftwork and the mission to chance the world for good. Lisa collaborates with craftspeople from every part of the world, then imports their craftwork and sells it in her online shop and store in Berlin. She explicitly cares about minorities and she helps the artisans to earn sufficient money for the first time. In doing so, the compliance with fair trade principles represents a top priority. During her journeys through developing countries, she often experiences emotional moments which move her.

I remember a shared dinner with weavers of the Bodo tribe in India. I was very bad at eating with my hand and often I needed to take my left hand for assistance. All the weavers were very amused, we laughed a lot.” tweet

With the help of the FOLKDAYS products, Lisa wants to catch the atmosphere of the country and to bring it home. Hence, the purchase is well-thought-out.

On my journeys, I always take on sample only. In Berlin, we decide what we purchase at a higher quantity.” tweet

On hot summer days, the traditional Mexican glass jug with cobalt blue edge is particularly useful. The iced margarita tastes even more fruity and sweeter. Each glass jug is unique and hand blown from recycled window glass.

The glass jug takes the motley Mexican attitude to life directly into the privacy of one’s home.” tweet

Lisa especially likes the SELFNATION trousers because they fit perfectly and comfortably. She takes the zero-waste principle as an ideal attitude.

Lisa loves the quality of her TOKYO KNIGHTS jeans

The great quality of the trousers convinced me easily. It is a great plus that the trousers are produced sustainably, too. For a long time, I have already fancied the concept to produce goods on demand to avoid overproduction.” tweet

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