Spring cleaning in your wardrobe: Make room for colour!

Temperatures are rising and nature tinges in the most beautiful shades once again: The winter is finally gone. Let’s all say bye to big black winter coats and dreary moods! It’s time to make room for colour in our wardrobe – not least with our new Colour Collection.

How would you imagine a typical summer day on the beach? Our chief designer Elisabeth Joost took inspiration from the most beautiful beaches all around the world. Warming sunbeams on the skin, a cool lemonade close at hand, a yummy strawberry sorbet as well, fine sand between your toes and your gaze over the lush blue of the calm sea. Since our outfits reflect on our inner mood, there is one thing we cannot miss in the summer: the fitting dream pair of jeans.

For a sunny day at the café or for a walk on a warm summer night, our Colour Collection has got all the dreamy summer scenarios covered:

20150319_sn_instagram_colour-collection_Maliblue 20150319_sn_instagram_colour-collection_Costa-Banana 20150319_sn_instagram_colour-collection_Venice-Peach

maliblue – placid Pacific waves

The calm ocean on a clear summer day, its reflection in the wide blue sky; this is where our maliblue lies. Our new summer blue shade makes us dreamy and light-footed. Can you already hear the Pacific waves?

costa banana – It’s always sunny with Selfnation

Can you think of a better shade for the summer than the warm colours of the sun? Our cool yellow tint costa banana reminds us of a refreshing slice of lemon in a cool drink and that makes it the best companion for a sunny day.

venice peach – Strawberry ice cream on the beach

Your sunkissed skin tone looks best when contrasted to a powdery pastel hue. Our subtle venice peach is a light rosé that reminds us of a delicious strawberry ice cream on the beach. Soft, but not too girly, this look is perfect for a relaxed summer day.

Our selection of colours makes us look forward to the warm season and emanates good vibes. We want to shed all the layers of the winter and greet the summer with happy tints and fashionable lightness. That is why we chose super soft denim that is pleasant to wear even when hot weather kicks in. Let’s wear the summer!

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