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Make Room for your own Passion

Posted on February 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Julia aka Juli Lee is a passionate DJ and music producer. Initially deejaying just for fun, she now wows an international audience and collaborates with Swiss, German and American producers.

We were able to meet Julia for a personal talk and are happy to introduce you to another SELFNATION EXPERT now.

Do you have a personal life motto?

I was thinking about that the other day. I believe that he or she who realises that luck is a question of attitude, is happy. So, my motto has to do with the personal responsibility of people. You decide what your outlook is.

How did you get to where you are now? How did you find your passion for music?

I have been self-employed for a long time and I have been dancing for many years. Music has therefore always somehow been a part of my life. After I’d started slightly changing a few songs for dance choreographies, I began deejaying a few times just for fun. That’s how I soon discovered that music meant more to me.

Do you think this development was a coincidence or fate?

I cannot answer that with either-or. What is coincidence? Essentially, you can decide that for yourself. I simply made music a priority and as a result at times ate nothing but pasta for a week.

When you realise your own projects or take a stand for something, what are the most important criteria?

I believe that if I enjoy working on a project, the chances of it becoming a success are higher. So, I want to be able to back my projects. They are not meant to seem authentic – they are meant to be authentic.

Which criteria are important to you when shopping?

I like universal things. Items of clothing that I can take in my suitcase when going away for a week and that always fit. Favourites I guess. Those I can wear going to a fancy restaurant just as much as to an underground event.

What role does fashion play in your life?

Fashion trends are generally too short-lived for me. It’s possible that I might pick up something I like from time to time. But I don’t change my style every six months. Even though I find the fashion world exciting, I don’t orientate myself by it but live by my own style.

SELFNATION jeans made in Switzerland

What do you particularly like about your SELFNATION jeans?

That I was able to customise them. I chose my TOKYO KNIGHTS in a way that allows me to combine them with anything, from nice boots to sneakers, elegant or casual, exactly the way that I can pack them in my suitcase when I’m away for a week and don’t need much more.

TOKYO KNIGHTS jeans: tailor-made, style and fabric selected by yourself

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