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NEW: Chinos for Women

Posted on October 12, 2016 in Chinos

We are delighted to present you our chinos for women today. By launching this product, we can react to the rising demand of female customers for trousers made of twill. As the tailor-made SELFNATION jeans, the chinos are also ordered online. After the sewing is done by our tailor in the Swiss canton of Ticino, the chinos are directly sent to your home or to your office.

The same principle applies once more: Enough of searching for the perfect length, the perfect leg width and the perfect fit. The unique tailor-made items are manufactured out of high-quality cotton twill, with additional added stretch. By this unique production we guarantee wearing the most comfortable chino which has ever been sold in the world of fashion.

Due to the clean look – few decorating stitching and discreet branding – the chinos are appropriate for every occasion.

The chinos are casual enough to wear them instead of jeans, but also elegant to combine them for a business look. Annabel Kober, Designer SELFNATION tweet

 The well-wrought colour scheme is versatile and offers all-rounders in elegant colour shades, which are easy to combine.


Pastel rose with a hint of grey – this gentle and tenderly selected colour is stylish and trendy at the same time. Whether it should be a casual or a business outfit, LISBON ROSE emphasises your individual look.

20161003_sn_blog_chino-women_2LISBON ROSE, straight fit


LONDON STUDIO’s subtle greige complies with a fashionable interpretation of the classical beige colour of the chinos. LONDON STUDIO fits perfectly for the cool daily life look.

20161004_sn_blog_chinos_women_londonLONDON STUDIO, straight fit


The timeless must-have BERLIN BLACK: This black and perfectly fitting chino should not be missing in any wardrobe. BERLIN BLACK is the best companion in any situation and absolutely has the potential for becoming your favourite trousers.

20161003_sn_blog_chino-women_3BERLIN BLACK, slim fit


The chinos are available in two styles. Slim fit is tailored in a narrow way. The trousers legs end at ankle height and have narrowing legs. Straight fit on the other hand have a classical twill style with straight legs. The trousers legs end a bit underneath the ankles, which make rolling up possible. Both styles fit at hip height.


The high-quality cotton twill is produced by the German factory Kindermann, a company with long-standing tradition of 175 years. The fabric produced there is made out of 100 % cotton from certified organic farming.

20161003_sn_blog_chino-women_1Cotton twill out of 100 % organic cotton

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