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Posted on September 14, 2016 in Launch

Our new autumn/winter collection, COLOUR COLLECTION AW16/17, is now available! We are looking forward to three expressive colours and we are impatient for the cold season to come.

The new items let every outfit appear splendidly – day and night. The new favourites fit perfectly for everyday life as well as for nights out.

The three different colours are exclusively dyed for every customer separately and therefore each item is unique. The garment is produced in a special weaving process, which leads to a unique comfort.


The trendy colour for this winter’s jeans: mystical emerald green.

20160831_sn_blog_launch-aw17_1MALMÖ MERMAID, ankle length, high waist

The dark colour definitely is a must-have for the coming months. If MALMÖ MERMAID is combined with black leather it is the perfect companion for dancing all night long. Combined with pure silk it is the perfect outfit for business meetings. MALMÖ MERMAID is a colour that makes hearts of all Denim lovers leap for joy.


The deep, russet, amber-coloured shade, which reminds of the terracotta-coloured shade of the 70s, can be wonderfully combined.

20160831_sn_blog_launch-aw17_austinAUSTIN AUTUMN, straight fit, mid waist

The retro-style, together with sunny yellow, brown or rather plain colours or with black knitwear, makes this jeans colour to a special eye-catcher. In combination with discreet cream colours it is an outfit for having good mood on a warm autumn day. AUSTIN AUTUMN – a little bit of dolce vita for the coming months.


Elegant and casual at the same time: The urban statement colour ensures a discreet but eye-catching outfit.

20160831_sn_blog_launch-aw17_2TOULON TAUPE, ankle length, low waist

Classically combined with a blouse or a blazer the TOULON TAUPE jeans are the perfect outfit for a day at the office. In combination with sneakers and turtle neck they create a casual chic style for the modern leisure-time. TOULON TAUPE emphasizes your individual style.

In this winter deep gemstone colours are the real treasures, Sandra Guggenbühl, Creative Director tweet

Our new items are available in all styles and waistbands.

20160831_sn_blog_launch-aw17_3MALMÖ MERMAID, ankle length, high waist, AUSTIN AUTUMN, straight fit, mid waist, TOULON TAUPE, ankle length, low waist (l.t.r.)

All items are tailor-made in a sustainable way out of high-quality Italian denim. Available here:



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