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Posted on October 26, 2016 in Denimhistory

Selvedge Jeans represent the very best that is offered in the world of denim. They stand for quality and longevity. We are extremely delighted to be able to present our SELFNATION Selvedge jeans to you today.


In contrast to regular denim, this premium fabric is woven with an original shuttle loom. This slow, traditional process allows for a high weave density and first-rate quality. In this method only one weft thread is used, which is continuously pulled from one edge to the other. This is why the fabric has a clean selvedge on both sides. The selvedge is adorned with a red yarn, giving it the characteristic detail of Selvedge denim and simultaneously acts as its sign of quality. Even the name Selv-edge points to this “customized edge”, which is subtly visible on the 5th Pocket* and when the jeans are rolled up, or it can be seen as a highlight on the back pocket.

20161017_sn_blog_selvedge_detail_schuheThe clean weaving edge of Selvedge, its characteristic sign of quality

20161017_sn_blog_selvedge_detail_vorneThe Selvedge detail highlighted on the 5th Pocket*

*The 5th Pocket is the smallest pocket on a pair of jeans. In the 19th century, cowboys used to stow away their pocket watches in it.

20161017_sn_blog_selvedge_detail_poThe Selvedge sign of quality is subtly visible on the back pocket


Selvedge’s cotton is woven extremely densely and thus reaches a weight of 16 ounces. The denim fabric contains no stretch content and is sewn classically with saffron yellow yarn. You get the jeans as raw denim, which means unwashed. This explains why the fine fabric feels a little stiff at the beginning and can lose some color. This unique item flourishes by being worn – in the traditional way.

The Selvedge jeans tell your story. The longer you wear them, the more individual they become. tweet

20161017_sn_blog_selvedge_hose_ganzIt is the wearer who breathes life into the jeans – the longer they are being worn, the more individual and smooth they will become.


During the production of your custom-made Selvedge jeans, we pay special attention to work together with socially and ecologically sustainable experts. Our partner weaving company in Italy, an experienced family-run business, creates our premium denim products with great passion. The company connects innovation and tradition since 1938 and is said to be “The Greenest textile company in the Blue World”.


The Selvedge denim can be combined with the styles Straight Fit, the slim cut, and with Classic Fit, the wider cut. You can find more information on the styles in the configurator20161017_sn_blog_selvedge_2Selvedge jeans in Straight Fit

Check out the tailor-made SELFNATION Selvedge jeans yourself



  2. October 26, 2016

    Selvedge jeans are one which I haven’t tried till now.But due to this information, it looks like I would try it for sure.Other than this I am attracted towards leather jackets.


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