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NEW: Summery Chinos Colours for Him & Her

Posted on June 1, 2017 in Chinos

Our new colours for chinos and shorts are here!

We are very excited about the beautiful colours: the bright golden shade and the deep blue for her as well as the subtle minty colour for him are our new favourites.

These new colours are available in all styles.

Holiday feelings guaranteed – from Italian summer, to French Chic style to pistachio ice cream!


The golden shade of SICILY SUN is bright and beautiful like the summer sun. The golden-yellow colour evokes the feeling of vitality and joy for life like warm sun rays on a summer day.

SICILY SUN – Live the Italian summer!


The deep blue of MARSEILLE BLUE evokes the feeling of distance and infinity. The beautiful maritime colour is nicely combinable for a fashionable summer outfit or as the classic business outfit.

MARSEILLE BLUE – a classic in the French Chic style.


The subtle shade of BILBAO MINT is the perfect companion for this summer. The minty color with a hint of grey evokes the feeling of pistachio ice cream on a hot summer day. BILBAO MINT is easily combinable with pastel tones and gives you a summery touch.

BILBAO MINT – Feelings of being on vacation guaranteed!


All the pants are made of the fines cotton twill. This twill is made with the perfect stretch content, which makes this pair of chinos the most comfortable pants of all time. The fabric is manufactured from organic cotton cultivated in Germany. Check the site here, if you want to know more about the pant’s production.

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