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Posted on October 26, 2016 in Expert

The word ounce sounds pretty fascinating. But what does it actually mean? While every expert for denim knows what an ounce is, many people can’t classify it correctly. That is why we want to explain it to you shortly.

Different denim fabrics vary in weight. This weight is defined by ounces per square yard, a unit of mass, the symbol is oz.


An ounce is actually more than just a symbol that shows the weight: it also tells something about the longevity of the denim and whether it keeps warm or not. Heavier fabrics are woven tighter and thus have a higher weight per square yard. The heavier the denim the more cotton is processed. The fabrics therefore get more robust and durable and it keeps warmer than thinner fabrics. In addition, heavy denim fabrics usually contain less or no elastane, and are made of pure cotton instead.


At SELFNATION we only process the best materials. Most of our denim fabrics weight about 11 to 12 ounces. They belong to the so-called mid-weight fabrics. These jeans can be worn throughout the whole year – they are thus not too thick – but simultaneously the jeans are durable yet. After shortly breaking in the pants the fabric is already soft and adjusts your body in every individual single movement.

20161027_sn_blog_unze_denim_stoffVarious SELFNATION denim fabrics that weight about 11-12 ounces

The SELFNATION Selvedge denim on the other hand weights 16 ounces and belongs to the heavy-weight fabrics. This fabric is very durable, but can feel a bit stiff at the beginning. More than the other fabrics it is essential to break it in – the longer you wear the jeans the more individual it gets. Selvedge jeans hence tell the story of their owner.

20161017_sn_blog_selvedge_detail_poSelvedge denim with a weight of 16 ounces

All in all, this means that heavier denim materials are more durable and keep warmer than lighter ones but they are more stiff at the beginning and take longer to break in. So, while denim weight is mostly a matter of personal preference, the added durability of a heavyweight denim and the essentiality of breaking such jeans in makes it appealing to many denim experts.

What will be the favourite weight of your SELFNATION jeans? In our configurator you can have a look at the different types of ounces of jeans for women and man. During your next jeans shopping tour you will probably not only make your choice because of style and colour but also include ounces in your selection criterions.


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