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Posted on August 10, 2016 in fabric

SELFNATION is interested in the topic of sustainability, especially with focus on the textile industry. We do not only concentrate on the theory of this topic, but are also practically involved and we want to share both with you. On the one hand, we show you what sustainability means for us and inform you about our materials, the production as well as the sourcing. On the other hand, we recommend you interesting articles, which convey additional information and knowledge concerning the topic of sustainability.

A matter of commitment

The so-called “Triple Bottom Line” is a basic idea of our understanding of sustainability. This means that we do not only measure ourselves based on economic, but also on social and ecological success.

Consequently, we behave responsibly in all three areas, which is a natural course of action for us. tweet

The consciousness

For us, sustainability and quality go hand in hand. By only producing upon request we can minimize the unreasonable textile waste of high quality raw materials. You can find more information about this on our blog post “How tailor-made jeans can reduce textile waste”.


Because our jeans fit perfectly and last for a very long time, they can become the favourite item of clothing in a very short time. After some time you create traces of wearing them, which tell a story of your life. Denim becomes more and more personal after using it over a long period of time.

Materials, production and sourcing

For the production of our trousers only high quality fabrics are used. The denim fabric for the jeans is produced in northern Italy by Italdenim, which is one of the premium Denim weaving mills worldwide. Italdenim is the first producer of Denim that joined the Greenpeace Detox Agreement. The superfine cotton twill for the chinos as well as the shorts is produced from biologically controlled cotton in Germany. The fabric is provided with an amount of stretch to provide our customers with the most comfortable chinos of all time.

We exclusively work with certified dressmakers and tailors from Switzerland as well as from Germany. They do the sewing by hand and with passion. We pay great attention to producing them in a local and secure working environment.


For us it is not only important to produce locally as well as with high-quality fabrics, but we set great value in a completely perfect product. This means that all materials, from the button to the leather label, are of first-class quality. They are produced by nearby companies with long-standing traditions and with short distances.

Find more information on our website.

Reading material sustainability

Whether you read it on the beach, anywhere on the way or at home lying on a deckchair, either way you will be mesmerised. tweet

Watch the following interesting video and read the articles in order to get more information on the topic sustainability and to understand what we are focusing on respectively what are daily challenges are:




Now you are nearly an expert on the subject of sustainability in the textile industry.

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