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The perfect fit

Attention boys,

we have a little surprise for you. You all know that we from SELFNATION value high quality products, produced with high craftmanship and made to last. We are constantly improving our fits and fabrics to make the most comfortable jeans and chinos you’ll ever wear. Generally, finding comfortable pants is difficult enough – we provide the solution for this problem. Now imagine this: wearing the most comfortable jeans AND wearing the most comfortable boxers below. If you can’t sense this joyful experience – no problem. For this reason, we teamed up with T-Bô Bodywear to bring you: The Perfect Fit.

T-Bô is a Swiss brand that makes premium, eco-conscious bodywear. The brand bases everything on collaborative creation, meaning that the T-Bô community co-develops all the products, marketing content and events together.

The products are made from super comfy and eco-conscious bamboo and birch tree fibers with several benefits: the fabric is silky soft, breathable, has anti-bacterial features which help against bad odor, and is more sustainable due to no pesticide and less water use. T-Bô was born in Switzerland in 2017 and is now worn by over 70,000 men in over 100 countries.

As we from SELFNATION and T-Bô think that our products fit perfectly together, we also thought about how difficult it actually is to find a perfect fit in real life. Just think about first dates. How many of your past dates went wrong? Little mistakes, embarrassments and other barriers can ruin a perfect match, before it actually has the chance to feel good.


Watch our videos of classic first date fails on youtube. Maybe they would not have happened with the perfectly fitting combination of underwear and pants. Follow us on Instagram where we’ll keep you updated.


Here’s a little sneak peek from our video shoot:





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