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They attract attention, connect and reflect yourself

Posted on August 24, 2016 in Product

What do you think is a statement piece? And which is currently you favourite statement piece?

Maybe you have already considered these questions on your own. But maybe it also came to your mind, that you see the term statement, in connection with fashion very often and more and more nowadays: from fashion-statement to statement jewellery to statement jackets, there is everything. The term statement piece, however, turned into a new buzzword – it might even be a little overstressed. But still, what does it actually mean to set a statement in fashion? And how do we define it?

20160817_sn_blog_titel_statement_piece_jeans_herHer statement piece; PARIS BLUES, flared, high waist

In fashion, a statement piece is the piece of clothing or accessory that pulls an outfit together. It completes the outfit. Without such a statement piece, the outfit does not attract attention, with it, it does.

A statement piece defines and reflects personal style. tweet

20160817_sn_blog_titel_statement_piece_initialenPARIS BLUES, flared, high waist, individualised with own initials

To set a fashion statement means therefore, to underline your personal style, by emphasizing an outfit with special accents. Furthermore, it is about bringing your inner feelings to the outside and reflecting your current state of mind.

With our SELFNATION jeans it could look like this: a simple white t-shirt (no judgement, those are beautiful) and sneakers are combined with perfectly fitting, made-to-measure jeans – those set an accent. You can choose the colour and style on your own.  Depending on your individual style and your present mood, you might prefer slim, loose or straight jeans.

20160817_sn_blog_titel_statement_piece_chinos_manOXFORD OFFICE CHINOS, straight fit – conspicuous by elegance and modesty

Our SELFNATION trousers are not statement pieces that are conspicuous because they are dyed in bold colours, oversized or have special prints. They are statement pieces because they reflect high quality, premium processing and are manufactured with attention to details. At the same time, they are unique because they are made for each person individually – they correspond with each person’s style and body measurements.

20160817_sn_blog_titel_statement_piece_tokyo_her_sittingTOKYO KNIGHTS, high waist, slim fit – deep black denim, beautiful and timeless

Our statement pieces are attracting attention on the one hand and are modest, classic and timeless on the other – characteristics that are not mutually exclusive, on the contrary, they support each other. The high quality guarantees durability. So that in time your trousers can convert into your personal favourite piece of clothing.

Choose your personal favourite SELFNATION trousers here – your own statement piece 


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