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October 26, 2016

The word ounce sounds pretty fascinating. But what does it actually mean? While every expert for denim knows what an ounce is, many people can’t classify it correctly. That is why we want to explain it to you shortly.

They attract attention, connect and reflect yourself

August 24, 2016

What do you think is a statement piece? And which is currently you favourite statement piece? Maybe you have already considered these questions on your own. But maybe it also came to your mind, that you see the term statement, in connection with fashion very often and more and more nowadays: from fashion-statement about statement jewellery to statement jackets, there is everything.

What to pack for her summer holidays

July 13, 2016

The holidays are booked and you can’t wait to leave. We help you to pack by sharing our packing list for a one week beach holiday.


June 29, 2016

We are very pleased to announce that as of today our bestseller PARIS BLUES comes with…

The creation of our Selfnation jeans: local, fair and free of toxic chemicals

October 27, 2015

Our jeans are not just beautiful, comfy and an all around perfect fit; they are also created under fair working conditions, they didn’t have to travel far and they are absolutely free of chemicals. Let us introduce you to our most important principles, with which we create a product that you love and behind which we can fully stand.