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The perfect Balance between Body and Mind

Posted on November 9, 2016 in Expert

Elisabeth is one of the first BoxingYoga™ Coaches in Germany and a SELFNATION Expert. She loves listening to her body and transforming it accordingly. BoxingYoga™ is ideal for that – simply by being in balance. Learn here what Elisabeth teaches her students besides the usual training and why she loves her SELFNATION jeans.

20161101_sn_blog_expert_elisabeth_aussicht Elisabeth only speaks well about her TOKYO KNIGHTS: “They shape my body really well.”

Elisabeth leads a very active life.  Still, she listens to her body and allows herself to rest when she needs it. Apart from being active herself, she as a trainer loves to spread her knowledge of BoxingYoga™. When she isn’t teaching somebody else, she improves her own skills, because she enjoys learning a lot.

I love the beauty of learning., Elisabeth, BoxingYoga™Coach tweet

For Elisabeth, it goes without saying that she does not only teach her students about the sport itself, but also about the life philosophy that comes with it. She believes that change and progress start in your head. As soon as your mind has decided or accepted something, the rest follows by itself.

The most important things are always to remember that the changes start from the right mind set. If you understand that, then everything else will follow. I like to tell that to my students., Elisabeth, BoxingYoga™Coach tweet

Elisabeth loves her life, has great respect for her body and is comfortable in her own skin. She enjoys expressing this feeling in her clothing. That’s why she treats herself to unique pieces, which shape her body perfectly.

My SELFNATION jeans are super comfortable, they make me feel good and they look good., Elisabeth, BoxingYoga™Coach tweet

What she likes best about her TOKYO KNIGHTS is that they are custom-made and one of a kind. They perfectly highlight and shape her body.

20161101_sn_blog_expert_elisabeth_detailHer TOKYO KNIGHTS make her feel extra comfortable.

After a fulfilling day of work, Elisabeth has several ways to relax: reading, doing yoga, watching an exciting series or having a tasty dinner. The most important thing, however, is that it matches her current mood.

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