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5 Characteristics of the perfect gift

Posted on December 7, 2016 in Chinos

At least once a year, when Christmas gets closer and closer, the topic gifts becomes very popular. At this time of festive mood, we find ourselves surrounded by mulled wine and bright Christmas stars. A time when everyone has the same question: Which would be the perfect gift? And how can I best please my beloved ones?

To show you what makes a perfect gift, we summarised the 5 more important findings from happiness experts and studies.

A perfect gift …

  • … is personal: A certain favourite colour or a beautiful, handwritten card make a gift personal. This shows that someone has thought of what brings joy to the recipient.
  • …is personalized: A gift reflects something special that is related to the recipient – such as a name, an individual text or a photograph.
  • … prepares for a long-term joy: One enjoys a beautiful gift that really suits over and over again or likes it more and more in the course of time.
  • … is beautifully packaged: The first impression counts – even for a gift. Even the unpacking should be an experience itself.
  • … is given with love: The giver would like to keep the gift for himself and can stand behind the product. Such gifts bring evidently an extra joy.


If you are asking yourself how such a gift can be so specific, we will definitely help you and make you the following proposal: A gift voucher from SELFNATION for tailor-made jeans or chino trousers for women and men.

20161205_sn_blog_schenken-01Gift voucher SELFNATION

With a voucher like this, the recipient can easily order perfectly fitting and tailor-made trousers with only a few clicks online. One’s favourite cut and colour is chosen individually. For even more individuality, the trousers can be supplied with initials.

In this way, you not only make the perfect gift, but you also give a tailor-made unique piece, which is sewn with much love and from careful handwork in Ticino or in Bavaria. Your beloved ones will surely have new favourite trousers that fit like no one before.


The SELFNATION voucher is sent together with a measuring tape during a delivery period of 2-3 working days. On request, a personal, handwritten dedication can be added as well. For those who buy their gifts last minute, the voucher can also be printed out easily via print-at-home.

20161205_sn_blog_gutschein-05SELFNATION gift voucher with measurement tape & handwritten dedication

Check out the SELFNATION tailor-made trousers for her and him here and learn about the styles and colours that can be chosen from. Or maybe this years you would like to allow yourself a perfect gift too.

20161205_sn_blog_schenken-04Her: TOKYO KNIGHTS Jeans, flared, high waist & him: ZURICH BLACK chinos, slim fit

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