Back to the seventies: The revival of flared pants

SELFNATION WOMEN: Skinny jeans, look out! The fulminant comeback of flared jeans is 2015’s hottest trend and Selfnation has two styles ready for you.

Every woman will be smitten: The flared cut celebrates its comeback and no fashionista can not grant them a special place in her wardrobe. Its retro style that conquered the catwalks of this year’s fashion weeks is both comfy and figure flattering.

Retro fashion for today’s fashionistas

If you followed this year’s fashion weeks attentively you sure noticed how often models in flared jeans paraded over the catwalk – official and not. The seventies classic item, which already had a small comeback in the nineties, now officially made its way back onto our fashion radar.

Flared jeans had their most flourishing times in the sixties and seventies. Ever since then, the flared cut stands as a symbol for the hippie movement, for freedom and for lightness. Women with floral bandeaus, colorful blouses and flared jeans are the emblem of this time. What an outfit to celebrate the summer of ’15 in style! Not only for Woodstock and the likes, but also for your every day: Flared jeans are your groovy companion.

20150423_sn_instagram_flared 20150423_sn_instagram_flared_xflared 20150423_sn_instagram_xflared
Flared in white. X-Flared in black.

One cut, two styles

Our flared jeans are going to be the must have of the year. We are launching our two styles Flared and X-Flared. The former impresses with a full leg length and is ideal for women who like to wear flats or comfy sandals. Here you have the perfect outfit for a hot summer night or an easygoing day at the office. Flared jeans are wonderfully flattering and fit every built!

For our second style, the X-Flared, we add eight centimeters of fabric to the leg length. This style is ideal for women with no fear of heights: Wear them with your wedges, plateaus or beautiful high heeled sandals! Never again you will have to struggle to find the perfect match to your wedged footwear.

Flared flatters

Flared jeans flatter every woman’s built and accentuate the buttocks in particular. The only problem when buying is really the length of the jeans. Be careful when choosing your preferred version: the seemingly perfect flare can turn unflattering if the hem is shortened. Selfnation’s tailor-made product will guarantee a perfect, flattering flared cut for you!

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